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Cannes Film Festival 2022

cannes 22 building
cannes 22 table

In May 2022 at the Cannes Film Festival, film producer company All Rights Entertainment (ARE) has been using Bublr platform for its remote meetings and has succeeded to immerse its clients in the famous “South of France” vibe of the film market.

Not being able to attend the film market in physical and missing the opportunity of using the fabulous scenery (there’s nothing like signing a movie deal by “La Croisette”, with the sunset and a cocktail to celebrate the occasion!), the team of producers from All Rights Entertainment used a tailor-made 3d environment, hosted on Bublr, to meet their clients remotely and recreate the specific atmosphere of the film market. The platform was offering all the tools they need to work efficiently: playing movie trailers, displaying cast information, production details… and of course the red carpet!

In every aspect, the experience has been a success, from both producers’ and clients’ points of view.

cannes 22 steps

Decathlon team-building experience

decathlon entrance
decathlon bikes

Virtual playground for Decathlon staff.

For French sporting goods retailer Decathlon, we created a sport-themed virtual space where the manager could gather his teammates during summer 2022, once a week, for some team-building activities.

decathlon balcony

The 3D environment is inspired by sports gear sold by Decathlon, and we can find rock climbing grips, a tent, a biking meeting spot, and mountainous immersive scenery. The staff, which was partially working remotely was able to reconnect with the value of the brands and the overall spirit of sport and nature

NASA Space Apps Challenge 2021

nasa space

Bublr proudly powered the 700+ attendees virtual event for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge (Cairo Edition).

NASA International Space Apps Challenge is annual NASA’s global hackathon and serves as an innovation incubation and civic engagement program. NASA and its partners put out challenges relating to current work for which space enthusiasts around the world of all backgrounds can develop innovative solutions, particularly focusing on the use of NASA data and promoting education.

nasa students groups
nasa facebook posts

Virtuality 2022, hybrid panel
(web3d + VR)

virtuality stage
virtuality crowd

Hybrid Panel on Bublr at Virtuality Paris

In 2022, Bublr had a panel at the Virtuality Paris (web3 trade fair) about the “Future of Work: Build your office in the Metaverse”. Our panel was hybrid thanks to Bublr platform, as we wanted our remote followers to attend the presentation.
Hence, we digitally mirrored the “Carreau du Temple” venue in 3D and made it accessible online.


In addition to the browser experience, users could also enter the space in VR. As “accessibility to all” remains one of our motto, we optimized the 3D and the panel was also accessible on all Oculus Quest.

virtuality vr3

Berlin International Film Festival 2022

efm large view
efm bear

A Virtual Festival for WFH movie producers and distributors.

For movie production and distribution company All Rights Entertainment (ARE), we created a virtual twin of the famous annual Berlin International Film Festival. This year, for the 72nd edition, most of their Asian partners were not able to attend the film market physically. In order to recreate the very specific vibe of the event, and feel upbeat and exciting as the previous editions, we took inspiration from the original venue and the on-site experience from ARE team.

“Selling film projects remotely has become much easier thanks to the immersive experience of the platform where you can discuss and can present in the same 3D environment: trailers, images of the shooting and details of the casting.”

efm table
efm logo view

NFT Campaign

nft surrealist

We are producing a series of surreal worlds for an NFT quest inside Bublr

Bublr will be the scene of an NFT quest event, where users will need to find a special key that will grant them access to additional environments, all hidden among Bublr’s existing worlds.

Work in progress…

nft dali
nft elephant

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