Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Bublr Desktop.

Do I need to download and install Bublr Desktop to use it?

Yes. This gives Bublr Desktop awareness of the presence of your teammates and helps it to understand the synergy within the team, in order to, then, send teammates meaningful inputs (notifications, invitations, quests…).

bublr interface

How do I encourage adoption inside my team?

You can’t have a functioning virtual office without your teammates.

  • Make sure Bublr Desktop is well installed on all your teammates’ computers. Their profiles should appear on the dashboard

  • Setup daily catch-up with everyone, to build the habit to use Bublr Desktop

  • Customize the different spaces with company content (posters, logos, current projects…) inside the different 3D spaces (whiteboards, image frames…), so the teammates will feel being in their familiar work environment

Are my communications and data secured?

SOC2 Type 1 compliant.

GDPR. All data hosted in EU.

Messages and audio-video communications encrypted end-to-end.


Is Bublr Desktop going to slow down my computer?

Bublr Desktop won’t slow down your computer. Even the 3D spaces, which are the most demanding, have been optimized to run on every computer, no matter how thin and lightweight or old.

The lighting of the 3D scenes have been pre-rendered and embedded inside the textures, so only minimal render is operated.

We also limit the FPS (frame per seconds) to just the minimum you need. This is not a video game, right?

I am using a VPN, is Bublr Desktop compatible?

Bublr Desktop can work behind a VPN, as soon as the administrator allows a series of specific ports on the VPN side. Please contact us for more details: [email protected]


I need to ask my IT department to install Bublr Desktop.
Will it be the same with every updates?

The IT department will only have to authorize once the installation of Bublr Desktop (once per computer). Then the updates will happen without further authorization.

How do I go Offline?

Many users use the same computer for work and personal time. To go Offline, just right click on the icon tray and Go Offline. You will appear offline to your teammates and won’t receive any messages or notifications.

Do the same to return Online.


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