You see a connecting message which never ends?

Make sure you use Google Chrome or Safari v15+. The other browsers don’t offer yet the latest Real-Time-Communication technologies we need to operate.

For Safari v14+, please check:

Are you being a VPN? Are you on a company network?

Theoretically, Bublr works on all networks. However, it happens that some companies use very protective firewalls and Real-Time Communication via browser is not permitted.

Try using the 4G/5G connection shared from your smartphone.

Your computer / Bublr is very slow?

Check the FPS in the bottom right of the screen. Anything above 25FPS is fine.

Bublr is design to run on most computer, even the lightweight laptops. Open your Chrome settings and make sure “use hardware acceleration when available” is ON.

You see an error message asking you to check your hardware?

You probably have another program using your webcam.
Try to close Skype / Zoom / Teams.

You have a lot of echo / you can hear yourself twice?

It means that another user is not using headphones and your voice is looping back on his computer. Find who it is and has him/her to use headphones.

You can’t hear / you can’t be heard?

Open the setup panel (gear icon on the top right) and try to select different devices.
The best practice is to plug your headphones/mic and to reload the page.

You don’t succeed to upload an image?

Make sure you upload a JPG file. PNG files work but tend to be heavy. Limit also the resolution to max 1000 x 1000 px.

To resize and save to JPG online:

You can’t move?

Try to use either QWEASD or the arrow keys. Try to click and move with the mouse.

Try to reload the page.

Are you on a non-QWERTY keyboard? Try to select an English / US-International setting in your computer preferences.

Still experiencing problems?

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